Munich Nov. 5. 2013


Emanuel Rund, an awards-winning film and television producer-director

as well as investigative-reporter journalist is available to make a film about the

Looted-Stolen Art, “Raubkunst”, found lately in a Munich apartment belonged to Cornelius Gurlitt.

These 1,500 paintings in the worth of over 1 Billion Euro, (over 1.4 billion Dollar) of most renowned artists like Picasso, Chagall, Klee and Matisse were found by the customs police in that dirty apartment.  These pieces of Stolen Art were robbed by the Nazis from many Jewish owners. Also so called “Degenarate Art” – “Entartete Kunst”.  A local art historian started to trace down the legal owners and claimants.


The Commission for Looted Art in Europe, CLAE founded 1999 in order to search and register those works of art, set up provenance research and family tracing, in order to return them to their owners, claimants or their heirs.  Headed by Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat the CLAE is mandated to represent the European Council of Jewish Communities and the Conference of European Rabbis.

Publicist and filmmaker Emanuel Rund knows some of the people involved since many years.

He filmed a lot in art museums and galleries like MOMA, Guggenheim and more. His film on Abstract Art that was screened to 800 Million Chinese viewers.  He grew up with the circles of German Jews in the USA and Israel and made many films on the Holocaust as well as on “Shoah L’-Tkumah – From Holocaust to Revival of the Jewish State


A personal note, Emanuel Rund family-members in Berlin, (Rund, Rosenstein) Würzburg (Goldschmidt), Bamberg, (Schloss, Miller) Augsburg, (Kraus) Kassel, (HaLevi, Plaut, Dannenberg) and Leer, Ostfriesland,( Wolffs)  fell victims to the Nazis, murdered in various Concentration Camps after all their property, bank accounts, personal belongings and rights were robbed away from them.


On his large series of films on the Holocaust, Germany, German Jewish Culture, History and

Religion, Young Germans visit survivors in Israel, Emanuel Rund directed three films on survivors of the Concentration Camp Terezin – Theresienstadt. (“All Jews out!” Oscar’s) . He then got interested in the art and music produced there which is a theme by itself.


Emanuel Rund poses a large archive of film-footage, photos, books and documents he accumulated over thirty years of projects and films young Germans in dialog with German

Jewish visitors in Germany and in Israel, First, Second and Third Generations, .  Much about Jewish and general life in Germany, USA and Israel.  Additional thems: a.o. Holocaust Survivors, Concentration Camps, Walter Benjamin, Art and Human Rights,



Emanuel Rund started writing an essay for a documentary film on the current developments

in the issue of the robbed art and the latest discovery of this art-depo in the Munich apartment of Mr. Gurlitt.

Mr Rund is now in Munich, investigating and writing.  He speaks the relevant languages to this case and knows some of the people involved.  For the longer run he also started (2006) writing a feature-film script, a theatrical screenplay that covers the whole issue, up to date.

As he worked for many American, European and international film-production companies,

Television station, official and other organizations, he is open for any interested corporation to engage him to make this film, an issue that will make its milestone in the art, history and on German dealings (neglect? Cover up?) with such themes as in similar current topics in Germany.

Contact:   Mobile  +49 (0)171 / 803 1393,  filmmy@aol.com


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